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Online Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Program overview: online bachelor’s in liberal arts and sciences

The online bachelor’s degree in liberal arts and sciences from KU is the ideal degree completion program for professionals looking to advance in their career or get started in a new field. Students in this degree program usually have a variety of interests and are unwilling to settle on just one specialty. Some students are often already engaged in career exploration activities of some sort and have next steps in mind when considering this degree.

This online bachelor’s degree prepares you for a wide variety of careers and also prepares you for higher levels of collegiate learning. With a liberal arts and sciences bachelor’s degree, you’ll have the option to pursue a graduate degree in many fields of study. Many professionals also use this degree as a gateway to career advancement opportunities within their current careers.

This is a degree-completion program designed for students with some prior college credit who want to earn their bachelor’s degree. Students should enter with at least 24 hours and optimally with 40 hours. These credit hours could have been obtained from KU, a community college, or prior university coursework elsewhere.

120 credits | 100% online

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What careers are possible with an online bachelor’s in liberal arts and sciences?

Graduates who earn their bachelor’s degree online from KU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are often involved in what can be called “helping” professions. With this degree, they go on to careers in social work, education, coaching, administration, management, law, nursing, and community health. Working professionals also use this degree as a gateway to career advancement opportunities within their current careers, with estimated salaries averaging $70,000 to just over $90,000, according to economic modeling firm Lightcast*.

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Liberal Arts and Sciences program snapshot

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How flexible is online learning at KU?

KU’s online degree programs are designed with your busy schedule in mind and offer the flexibility to study wherever — and often whenever — is most convenient for you. Our online courses are taught by the same highly regarded faculty and expert instructors, and contain the same rigorous curriculum and instruction as our on-campus programs.

Why get an online liberal arts and sciences bachelor’s degree from KU?

This is exactly the same degree you would earn as an on-campus student in the same program. All classes are managed by the departments that offer them and not by an outside party.

When you earn your bachelor’s degree online from KU, you earn a KU degree. Not all online programs deliver on that promise as thoroughly as the online degree programs at KU.


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FAQ: online bachelor’s in liberal arts and sciences

This program has a rolling application deadline. We will work with new applicants up to a month before the start of an eight-week course. If that deadline can’t be met, the application will roll over to the next available start date.

This is typically a degree completion program with no set pace. On average, most students are in the program for two years or less.

Yes, this program is 100% remote.

All students are eligible for the same financial aid and scholarships on-campus students can access. Additionally, The College Online Scholarship may be awarded for up to $2,000 for one academic year.

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