KU Online Programs

Through Jayhawk Global, KU offers undergraduate and graduate online degree programs and certificates, as well as a variety of for-credit and noncredit online courses. Hybrid options, combining online education and classroom experiences, are also available.

About online courses

Online courses are taught by the same highly regarded faculty as in-person programs and follow the same rigorous curriculum and instruction.

Online courses may be offered in four, eight, or 16-week formats.

The enrollment schedule follows the standard academic calendar:

  • Summer and fall courses typically enroll in March and April. Be sure to check program specifics.
  • Spring courses typically enroll in October and November. Be sure to check program specifics.


Online course modalities

Some KU programs are offered fully online. Others are hybrid. When a program is hybrid, that means that you’ll attend a certain portion of its courses on campus.

Other modalities to know are synchronous and asynchronous. A synchronous online course is one that meets at specific days and times. An asynchronous online course does not follow a class meeting schedule — you’ll “attend” on your own time. Note that while asynchronous courses don’t meet at specific times, they do often assign due dates throughout the week, to keep coursework on track. 

Search for online courses

To browse KU’s online, for-credit course offerings, follow the link below. Select “Online Courses” under the “Online/Video courses” section of the “Options” tab on the right. Online course listings have “ONLINE” in the course description. Courses that last four or eight weeks are indicated by a date range in bold.