Online programs and courses at KU

Graduate programs

Dietetics and Nutrition (MS)
The master’s degree in dietetics and nutrition is offered through a partnership with the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance. The online program provides professionals in nutrition and other careers with a science background the opportunity to advance their knowledge in the science of nutrition.
Educational Administration (MSE)
The master of science degree in education administration shapes experienced pre-K-12 educators to be effective leaders by focusing on educational policy, pedagogy, and practical experience in the field. This program requires face-to-face meetings as well as online study.
High-Incidence Disabilities (Adaptive) (MSE)
Led by faculty who are demonstrated leaders and innovators within the field of special education, this online program prepares you to compassionately and expertly engage with students who have mild-to-moderate special needs.
Nursing (DNP)
The doctor of nursing practice degree offers students the opportunity to explore evidence-based practice and learn how to be leaders in the health care community. The program is available for students with either a BS or MS in nursing.  Face-to-face meetings as well as online study are required.
Nursing (MS)
The online master of science degree in nursing provides advanced study in essential nursing skills, leadership, and research.  Four specialty areas are currently available: clinical research management, nursing informatics, organizational leadership, and public health nursing.
Nursing (PhD)
The only doctorate of nursing available in the region, this program prepares graduates for faculty positions, research and philosophical endeavors, and leadership roles in nursing administration. This program requires face-to-face meetings as well as online study.
Occupational Therapy (OTD)
Designed for therapists working in the profession, the online doctor of occupational therapy program offers advanced study in evidence-based practice, professional leadership, specialty practice and teaching.
Pharmaceutical Chemistry (MS)
The online master of science degree in pharmaceutical chemistry enables those working in the private sector or at collaborating institutions to pursue advanced study in the physical/chemical sciences as they relate to pharmaceutical research.
Social Work (MSW)
The master of social work degree prepares students for advanced practice in the clinical social work field or social work administration. This program requires face-to-face meetings as well as online study.
Special Education Transition (MSE)
The online master of science degree in transition education and services provides secondary educators with the skills needed to help students with disabilities transition to adult life.

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