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Steps to enroll

Enrolling for KU's online courses and programs is easy. Choose a tab below to see your instructions.

Nondegree-seeking students are limited to 6 credit hours per semester and generally do not receive financial aid. Courses taken as nondegree-seeking do not automatically apply toward a KU degree. Apply as a nondegree-seeking student if:

  • You are a student visiting from another college or university and want to transfer a KU course to your home institution
  • You are a high school student who plans to take a college-level course during high school. Note: If you're a high school student, compete the counselor permission form.
  • You are taking a class for personal enrichment but not to obtain a degree

How to apply

1. Create your account
See also: Directions & info | Change password | Forgot password?
2. Start or continue your application
View instructions or review your activity. The one-time $30 application fee must be paid by credit card or electronic check.
3. Check your admission status
You can check application status online beginning 1-2 business days after submitting your application.

After you're admitted, enroll in your course using our online enrollment system, Enroll & Pay.

Nondegree-seeking graduate applicants must meet the admission standards of regular admission status, but the applicant does not intend to work for an advanced degree. If a nondegree student later applies for admission as a regular degree-seeking student and is accepted by a department, the total of transfer credit may not exceed 6 hours, or 8 hours if the student holds a baccalaureate degree from KU (this total includes credit from other accredited graduate schools as well as non degree credit earned at KU). Financial aid is generally not available for nondegree-seeking students.

Follow the steps below to apply for admission and pay the one-time $30 application fee. Submit any required transcripts or documentation as indicated on your application (varies by program).

After you're admitted, enroll for classes in Enroll & Pay.

  1. Create Account (see full instructions)
  2. Complete the Application
  3. Check Application Status

Degree-seeking students must follow the admission process of their program. For details, follow the link to your chosen undergraduate or graduate program.

Taking some KU course work online is an excellent way to make progress toward timely graduation when on-campus sections fill or schedules become complicated. As a current KU student, enrollment is handled the same for online and in-person course work: through Enroll & Pay. The process is simple:

  1. Search online courses (choose "More Options" to search online courses)
  2. Log into Enroll & Pay and proceed to the same enrollment page that you do for your other courses.
  3. Tuition and fees are assessed through Enroll & Pay, so charges will be included with the rest of your enrollment.


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