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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I connect with my instructor?

Your instructor’s contact information is posted in the course website.

Are online classes easier than face-to-face courses?

Unfortunately, this is a myth. The Center for Online and Distance learning strives to uphold online and hybrid courses to KU Quality. Online and hybrid courses are often just as rigorous (if not more) than your face-to-face courses. In addition, you will likely find that online and hybrid courses require an even stricter adherence to regular, personal study time in order to learn the material.  Make sure you have plenty of time to devote to studying. Your instructor’s contact information is found in the course website if you have questions.

Will I be able to interact with other students in an online course?

Many courses incorporate discussion boards, wiki areas, and chat rooms to encourage student-to-student and student-to-instructor interaction.  Research shows students in online classes may actually interact more with their classmates and instructor than they would in a face-to-face lecture class because they are often asked to post comments and respond to their classmates’ commentaries.  Communication is important in the online learning experience.

Can I work at my own pace?

Self-motivation is key when taking an online course. Your instructor expects you to do the readings and homework assignments each week so that you’ll stay on track throughout the semester. Also, keeping up with the homework schedule will prepare you for midcourse and final exams. Pay close attention to the assignment and exam due dates your instructor has posted in the syllabus.  Your instructor will explain how to submit assignments online.

How long does it take to complete an online course?

Online course schedules follow the semester calendar.  Courses may be four, eight or sixteen weeks in length.  The fall semester begins in August and ends in December.  The spring semester begins in January and ends in May.  The summer semester begins in June and ends in July.

What if I need special accommodations?

The Academic Achievement and Access Center provides services for students with disabilities.  Visit their website for more information.

Do online courses cost less?

Online courses at KU cost the same as regular face-to-face classes.  Tuition depends on your residency and degree-seeking status.  Along with the standard campus fees, additional fees may be charged depending on which school (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Business, School of Education, etc.) offers the online course.  For more information, please visit the KU Registrar.

How do I order an official KU transcript?

Transcripts are issued through the Registrar’s Office.

What are the technology requirements for Blackboard?

Refer to the requirements listed here.

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